Finding Things Around the House

photo showing using a flashlight to find misplaced items

Using a flashlight to find misplaced items

OK, who among us HASN’T ever misplaced anything? Using ‘regular’ places to store things usually works pretty well — such as a hook for my keys, or table for my glasses — as long as I remember or have enough time to get such items back to their ‘regular’ spot! When I do misplace something, it’s usually an item I just had in my hand and for some reason set it down to do something else. (I’m often working on more than one thing at a time.) Anyway, I’ve found a good way to ‘focus’ on my search for an item is with a small flashlight. I hold it in one hand and just start walking around my house in one direction or the other, and eventually usually I come across my lost treasure!

How To:
1. Find a small, bright flashlight. One that focuses works well.
2. Begin to move it slowly in an up and down direction, from floor to ceiling and back.
3. Follow the beam with your eyes.
4. Start walking either to the left or to the right, and continue that direction.
5. Follow all walls around and into the next adjacent room.
6. Continue until you find your item!

Discovered: Early 2000s.

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