When are Your Roasted Almonds Done?

I like smoothies. I like roasted nuts. I like smoothies with roasted nuts.Cashew browning indicator

I like to DIY whenever I can over convenience to save $ and to know there’s nothing added, such as added oils to nuts when roasting? What’s up with that? I guess it makes it happen faster, but….

Anyway, when I am pan-roasting cashews (no oil!) it’s easy to see when they are browned enough, but when I roast almonds, it’s a bit tougher to know when they’re roasted sufficiently as they’re already brown. So… my solution was to throw a single cashew into the pan with the almonds and voilá! I can tell when they’re roasted. (BTW, I choose pan-roasting over oven roasting because it’s easier for me to monitor the nuts.)

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