Make Your Own Acne Lotion

OK, this one is great! You’ll save SO much money. A few years ago, I was listening to a podcast (An mp3 is available here: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (may automatically start playing), 4/19/06) of Katie Rodan, a co-founder of the popular skin care company, Proactiv Solutions. She was talking to students at Stanford University. She discussed the product, the basic philosophy behind it, and what was lacking from what was then on the market. Basically, benzoyl peroxide — one of three basic treatments available OTC — dries out your skin and makes it sun-sensitive. From her talk, I developed my own ‘recipe’ for a cheap knockoff lotion. It works great! Why wouldn’t it… it’s all in the ingredients! There’s a little up front cost obtaining the ingredients, but you’ll find overall, it will be cheaper and save you money. You’ll want to make small batches.

Ingredient ratios for making your own acne lotion.

Ingredient ratios for making your own acne lotion.

How To:
1. Purchase:
— a bottle of your favorite full-spectrum suntan lotion. (SPF 15-30 is fine.)
— jar of Vitamin E oil.
— bottle of Witch Hazel.
— tube of Benzoyl Peroxide gel or cream. 10% strength.
— 2-4 ounce empty bottle for your lotion (I prefer opaque ones, if you can find them.)

2. Fill empty bottle 2/3 with your lotion.

3. Remaining 1/3 is a mix of 2 parts Witch Hazel, 1 part Benzoyl Peroxide, and 1 part Vitamin E oil. (The way you do this is to fill 1/2 of the remaining third with Witch Hazel, then half of that remaining sixth with the gel and the last half with the oil. See the graphic showing the ratio.) Go weak on the Benzoyl Peroixde at first and test your skin. Remember, you can always add more!

4. Shake Well and use! (Make sure to shake each time before use.)

You should be able to feel it working with a slight tingle. I just use it in my ‘problem’ areas — nose, forehead and chin, but just like the original, you can use it all over your face. You’ll also notice after a few days, it may turn a creamy-beige color. That’s ok. It’s just the interaction of the ingredients. That’s why I like to make it in small batches to know that it’s always fresh.

OK, obligatory disclaimer: Use at your own risk. No warranties implied. I am not a medical doctor. If your acne is severe, please see a doctor.

Discovered: Approx. 2009

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