Litter box is not just for kitty anymore…

Blue Bucket with Lid - Purrrrrfect for your camp toilet!

Blue Bucket with Lid – Purrrrrfect for your camp toilet!

OK, I just acquired this interesting tip from one of my dad’s caregivers, Shari. We were talking about going camping and sleeping in the back of a pickup truck with a canopy, something we both have in common (by the way, a memory foam mattress topper makes the BEST camp pad — a little spendy up front, but a very worthwhile investment).
Anyway, Shari told me about this trick if you’re the type who hates getting up in the middle of the night to use the toilet.

So, here’s what she used to do:

  1. Get a large bucket or container, 1-3 gallons is probably fine. Make sure it has a lid!
  2. Line it with a plastic bag.
  3. Add 3-4 inches of kitty litter
  4. Use as needed!
  5. In the morning dump the bag in the garbage.

I don’t think she used scoopable litter, but I suppose that would work if you’re willing….

Well, I’m not sure I’ll use this method, but I thought I’d put it out there! Happy Camping!

Discovered: January 31, 2013

PS – I found a post about a similar idea on Pinterest:

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